Packing a Cooler for a Romantic Picnic for Two

With summer in the air, there are bound to be plenty of spots open near you that entice you to plan a perfect summer picnic for you and your significant other. There are parks and hill tops, thick and lush green and with views to offer that quite literally take your breath away. Why not find a way to connect with your spouse over a lovely picnic meal and enjoy each others company while taking in the beauty surrounding you? Here are a few helpful and handy tips and ideas for packing your cooler for the perfect summer picnic for two.

  • Packing the Dessert

Packing the DessertThe order in which this guide leads you through the packing process is reversed, so that you pack first the things that you need the last. This will be helpful for you as it would make it easier for you to reach the things that you need first and you would not have to rummage around the cooler looking for items that you were sure you packed, but are unable to find now when you need them. This rummaging and getting flustered would end up taking away from your romantic experience.

So, starting with the dessert; you want to pack a dessert that is both easy as well as romantic. If you decide to take a tub of ice cream, that really does not make it seem like you put in any thought and effort. An easy alternative is fruit sorbet. You could make or buy strawberry sorbet which could still be served cool to complement the hot weather, and it would have enough of a unique factor to make it look that you put quite some effort into it. Next, you need to dress up this sorbet to add to the ambience a bit more.

Other than the utensils and the cutlery, there are some other simple things you could pack to make your dessert well thought out. You can have strawberry pieces pre-cut and semi-frozen and add them to your cooler. When you serve the sorbet, you can add these to it either in the mix or on top for garnish. Speaking of garnish, you can also pack some form of strawberry or chocolate syrup and keep it in the cooler as well. Keeping it out would make it warm and would ruin the taste of the cool sorbet with warm syrup on top.

  • Snacks and Salads

Snacks and SaladsWhen you are packing food for a picnic you want to make sure that it is the kind that takes minimal effort to make as well as taking minimal effort to set up and serve. This is due to the fact that you do not want to have to take forever setting up and organizing things and forgetting to actually enjoy the picnic that you have planned and the company that you are with. So, in order to do so you would do well to come up with snack and such that are both appetizing and easy.

For your appetizer then you could go for a bread and cheese tray. Get a few varieties of cheeses and have them already cut and prepared for consumption. Place then in plastic food storage boxes and place them in your cooler. In your regular picnic basket, you could bring a wooden serving tray and some bread also pre-cut and ready to be eaten. With all the things already prepared, all you to do is assemble them into a lovely spread with the bread slices and the different cheese all laid out.

There are so many vegetables and fruits in season during the summer which means you can make any variety of a salad as the main course for your picnic. Include some form of a protein such as chicken to it and make it even more appetizing for the both of you. Salad is also easy to make and have prepared in advance. You can also buy it from a store or a restaurant, and place it in the cooler as part of the middle layer of your eatables. Bring along the appropriate plates and cutlery and serve it with a lovely flourish of olive oil or any dressing of your choice.

  • Drinks

Snacks and SaladsA well planned picnic would be remiss without some sort of drinks. Champagne would be an appropriately elegant choice, but if you do not drink you could also opt for a non-alcoholic option. There are both non-alcoholic champagne to be found as well as other drinks that you could make or buy. If you love putting in the effort, you could make a pitcher of fresh juice with all the different fruits that are in season at this time, and have a refreshingly summery and picnic appropriate drink.

Drinks should be stored in the cooler as well, at the very top. If you have opted for champagne, then make a thick bed of ice and place it on top, and then proceed to cover it in ice as well. When you set up the picnic area, bring a bucket with you and fill it with ice and set the champagne bottle in it in order to create the perfect ambience. Champagne would also require champagne flutes, so do not forget to pack those in your picnic basket as drinking it from paper cups would not be very classy.

If you choose to make some fresh juice, then store it in a thermos and place it on a bed of ice as well as covering it in ice. For the juice, bring a glass pitcher and when its time to serve pour the juice out into the pitcher. Be sure to pack some glasses in your picnic basket so that you may pour the juice in those and enjoy it with your perfectly planned picnic meal. With the pitcher there, anyone who needs a refill can just reach for it and fill up their glass and enjoy their juice with their splendid company and the lovely view.


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