Top 4 Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews 2016

Looking for the perfect fish finder can easily turn into a tedious and tiring task due to all the variety available on the market. There are numerous high and low level brands, and countless makes and models among them to choose from, which makes a fun experience turn into a mind boggling one. Perhaps one way to go about is to find a brand that you find most trustworthy and reliable, and then look only within it for a product which matches your criteria. Often Lowrance fish finder reviews are quite excellent, so you may consider their different models to acquaint yourself with a quality fish finder to suit your needs.

Lowrance Hook 5

Lowrance Hook 5The Lowrance Hook 5 is an upgraded version of the Lowrance Elite-5 HDI. It is an excellent upgrade as it is brim full of features and is at an affordable price point. It features a fish finder and GPS system combination, which is quite popular and well-loved. Both these features combined ensure an excellent fishing experience. Most Lowrance fish finder reviews rate this product highly and affirm the fact that the Lowrance Hook 5 is perfect for use by anglers.

Lowrance Elite 7 Ti

Lowrance Elite 7 TiThe Elite series is, as the name suggests, the high end series by Lowrance and has not only a high price mark, but also higher quality and density of features. It has combination features within it; it works both as a fish finder and a chart plotter, and has both a touch screen and buttons to fiddle with. Lowrance fish finder reviews speak highly of its ease of use and the immensely user friendly interface. This fish finder has a 7 inch LED display, and an elite quality sonar that delivers as perfect data as its capacity allows.

Lowrance Mark 4 CHIRP

Lowrance Mark 4 CHIRPLowrance fish finder reviews or perhaps any reviews can be hard to trust because there are some very unreliable websites out there that do tend manufacture feedbacks. However, if you look up more reputable websites, you are sure to find honest reviews from actual customers. The Lowrance Mark 4 is definitely a more budget buy for someone who is just starting out and trying to improve their fishing game. It has a small screen which makes it ideal for small boats or kayaks, as its light weight would not add to the boats weight neither will the screen be too small to be entirely indecipherable.

Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP

Elite-9-CHIRP_Left_lgWe would all love to avoid wasting as much time as possible when setting up for fishing, and be able to just dive into it without having to worry about the perfect spot. The Lowrance fish finder reviews for the Elite 9 CHIRP are at par with excellence; it has a nice and neat setup which is easy to navigate by both newbie and expert fishermen. Its HD display allows for an easy viewing of the screen and clear instructions enable a smooth and easy installation process.

It can be hard to trust reviews of a product online, especially when there are plenty of fraudulent products and websites online. However, if you do your research well enough you can easily sift through reviews that are obviously made up, and find the ones that are truly genuine and offer the right information. Lowrance fish finder reviews normally have a positive outlook on their products, and any problems faced by the users are quickly resolved by the manufacturer. It is crucial to remember that sometimes a product may be having a problem which could be easily solved by referring to the instructions thoroughly rather than reviewing it without giving it a fair shot.


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